What we ship

Do you own an e-shop, store,  import items from other countries or send shipments from Slovakia? 
Contact us and we will help you find the perfect and most economical solution for your shipment.

Building materials

Are you building or remodeling and need to ship heavy building material? Pallet Courier is the ideal solution for suppliers and customers in transportation of building materials. We will transport stone blocks, tiles, pavers, cement and concrete placed on the pallets in Slovakia within 24 hours and from as low as 22 Euro.

Garden material

Do you need to ship garden substrates, turf, mulch or other heavy and oversized material from garden center directly to the customer? We will deliver items for management of home lots, gardens and surroundings straight to the customers' doors. We guarantee the delivery within 24 hours.

Small retail

Secure delivery of the shipment from warehouse to retail store or directly to the customer is important for each provider. Send your shipment simply on pallets. With specific timing of your pick ups and deliveries you can increase the effectiveness and time savings. 

E-shop, E-commerce

We have solution for small and large internet shopping, e-shops, e-commerce, as well as B2B and B2C partners availability. The items get placed onto pallets and we will pick them up and delivery them directly to the customers' doors. Solution for small e-shops? We can supply paper (bio) pallets up to 60 cm in height. 

Beverages in glass and plastic bottles

Transport of higher amounts of drinks, wine, and alcoholic beverages in glass or plastic bottles. From the supplier to the restaurant operations, events and small retail. Secure shipment is guaranteed as in other forms of transport we provide. With the shipment of beverages there is also availability of planned deliveries. 

White and black electronics

Transport of large white and black electronics from the store to the customers or other service areas can create difficulties due to its nature. Our pallet services will come with assurance of  secure manipulation and save delivery, and with guarantee of pick up and deliveries in Slovakia and certain countries within 24 hours.