On-line shipment tracking

Delivery directly to the clients' doorsteps 

Insurance of items up to 5000 eur 

Exact times 
of delivery or pick up

SMS notification 
of timelines

Slovakia and Hungary from
 22 Euro
+ card payment available

Free on-line price quote for the pallet shipment.
Start saving on your shipments today!

Request free quote for your pallet shipment starting at 22 Euro.

First and Last Name
Country of delivery
Country of Pick up
Place of Pick up (ZIP code)
Place of delivery (ZIP code)
Weight of pallet 0 - 1200 (kg)
Height of pallet 0 - 220 (cm)
Width of pallet 0 - 150 (cm)
Length of pallet 0 - 240 (cm)
Number of pallets
Special services
Methods of Payment (choose the method of payment and information for payment will be sent to you by email)

How does the pallet shipment process
with Pallet Courier work?


Request free quote for your pallet/pallets shipment in the tab Shipment Quote


We will promptly contact you and discuss exact conditions and price of the shipment.


Prepare the pallet shipment. If you don't have necessary pallets, we can deliver pallets upon the shipment pick up.


You can request special services as morning (before noon) delivery, exact timed delivery, or specific delivery reservations.  


For your convenience, tracking service where you can get estimated time of delivery is available


Vehicles with platform and pallet cart can deliver the shipment straight to your door. We will send you sms before the delivery. 

On-line tracking of your shipment

The shipment is available to track on-line. Just enter your 11 digit tracking number. 

Special services for pallet shipments

Morning delivery

Per your request pallet shipment will be delivered before noon.

Exact time delivery

You can request specific time for your shipment delivery. The shipment will be delivered during the specific time. 

Reservation of the shipment delivery

You can reserve a specific day of your shipment delivery.